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February 02, 2009


Network Support Washington DC


Thanks for providing this information it made me temped to purchase such a nice disc.



that "knowledge" base article joe is referring to is not plagued by factual information!

most ssds use mlc technology, which have expected write cycles in the order of 10,000. very few use slc technology, which specifies > 100,000 write cycles.

you don't want to use and don't need to use defrag for mlc drive, except for maybe once in a blue moon.

get your facts straight, folks!

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When handling software one must always be careful so that there will be no problems. I tried once to use a particular software that I am not that familiar with and the result is that my computer got a worm that destroyed my important files. Thanks for the productive buckets of information.

Jordan 8

Count your age with friends but not with years. Good luck to you!!

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Very Very nice article its give proper information about solid-state drive (SSD) Data Storage. I like such storage
Thanks for providing this information it made me temped to purchase such a nice disc. keep posting about variety of instrument related to data storage.


SSD Hard Drives

SSD Hard Drives are hard drives that exceeds normal hard drive disks's speed.SSDs increase computer speed surprisingly.really it is good idea if u wanna best speed for your computer.

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I have used SSD drives and for me they are the next generation data storage for us. I just hope that it will be available for all and in an affordable price.

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Ohh, asolid-state drive is amazing because it can improve the performance. i would like this data storage device.

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The perfect disk seems to be the perfect answer to all our problems.


Hi Nick,

Glad to hear it - thanks for the feedback.



We have PC's running XP64bit raid1 on intel SSD drives. Speed is of the essence for these users. I ran a trial version of perfect disk 10 on one of the PC's (built last July 09). Smart Placement and then offline defrag (on reboot). The user noticed a difference immediately.

John Butler

SSD's do need defragging to optimize free sapce. If this is not done the write speed of the SSD will get slower. Unfortunately my experience is that Perfect Disk 10 is very good for conventional drives but does not effectively optimize the free space of SSd's unless run off-line, i.e by having the system disk temporarily booted from a backup disk


Hi David,

Thanks for your comment. You raise a valid concern, and there are many that make the case about drive wear. The main advantage is in the area of write performance, which is why free space consolidation is the most important aspect of defragmentation for SSDs. Wear leveling, performed by the SSD controller, ensure the writes are spread out. This link (in our FAQs), has an overview and input from Samsung:


David A

Since Solid State Drives dont have any significant latency for seeking data, what benefit would there be for defragging the data, if all you are doing is wearing out the drive more?

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