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January 08, 2009



Hi Amarjeet,

Thanks for your comment. You write that "Diskeeper is a lot faster..." We would ask "faster at what?" Maybe it is. But I would make sure you know what it has done. For example, did it completely defragment the drive? Did it completely consolidate free space. Did it get all that nasty NTFS metadata it conveniently doesn't report on? :)

As for Frag Shield, it sounds like a good idea, it's not really necessary. NTFS provides a mechanism to keep the $MFT from becoming fragmented. I wrote a little bit about it a couple of years ago (, probably time for a new post on it.

In any event, glad you're excited for 10!


Amarjeet Rai

OMG can't wait to see it.

I just hope it's faster and more effective. Diskeeper is a lot faster of my computer.

But I like PD much better. But what I miss about Diskeeper is Frag Shield. You guys should have something like that. It really did stop my MFT fragmentation.

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