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January 27, 2009


Install XP Drivers

I have checked the links and learned from a lot from them, kudos to you for sharing them here!

Download XP Drivers

Kudos for this nice blog and I have really learned a lot from this.


Hi Jim,

You should be able to remove it and be all set. If you still have any questions, please email Technical Supprt at




I installed PD10 and it went fine - but it did not remove PD8. PD8 is still there, raring to go. I can uninstall it myself, but will that also remove any needed files/drivers for PD10?



Hi Jim and Jason,

During an upgrade to PerfectDisk 10, PerfectDisk will uninstall PerfectDisk 2008. It does a self-extraction into a temporary folder first, which is likely what you are seeing.



Same question as Jason T. I am a PD 2008 user and received an email about getting an early release last week. I downloaded it but it tries to install in a different Program Files folder so I canceled the installation until I could find out whether ot not I need to uninstall PD 3008 first, or leave it as is. Of course then I'd have both installed which can't be a good thing. Unless PD 10 automatically uninstalls PD 2008.

On Tuesday - Release Day for PD 10 - I received an email offering an upgrade discount, but I have the Extended contract and can upgrade free. I just cannot find where to get the release version downloaded from.

A little help, please?



Jason T

How does the upgrade from PD2008 Pro to PD10 Pro work? If I buy an upgrade, do I have to have PD2008 installed for PD10 to install?

Put another way, how can I prove myself as a legitimate upgrader? I need to know this before I purchase, just in case something odd happens like I lose the installer to PD2008 or whatever, if it's needed.


Hi Niels,

You can use the drivers as a temporary fix; if we find something from the debug that effects your system, we will do an update.


Niels Werner Mortensen

I upgraded to PD10 Pro on my XP SP3 box, but the boot time defrag, does not work. Support responded just fine and sent me 2 replacement driver/files, which I installed. The boot time defrag then worked OK, but I was instructed to put the original files back. So now I'm back where I started. Am I the only person in the world with this problem ?

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