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December 12, 2007



Hi George,

There could be. And there has been in the past....

Hi Wait,

Well, we have to keep the lawyers happy...

Thanks for your comments,


I'd like to know if there will be any discount offered to current Perfect Disk v8.0 Pro users.


Given the NDA, I'd get sued if I said this sort of thing--yes, even the mere shred of information provided here--but you blather it in a blog?

Northern Light

It's build 69 of PerfectDisk 8.

I'm waiting with baited breath. *ahem*



I also agree it must be version 9, since I just asked about when v9 was going to be released and Raxco said early 2008. I just bought v8 so I guess I can this update for free I hope.


I Bet It Is Perfectdisk 9 or maybe a new beta..An Early Christmas Present


It's Perfectdisk 9 isn't it?

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