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July 31, 2007



Well if you’re looking to improve application availability, for a company’s network and business software applications then you’ll need to use a number of automation tools to make things run smooth. I’ve seen several IT guys scratch their heads when they try to think of things that will help make their networks better.

I’ve told a number of them to look heavily into network automation. Some of them have been receptive and some have not. I’ve told them that since I started database automation on my own network I’ve freed up time for my people to work on bigger and more important things. Those companies that don’t want to go into automation need to change management like yesterday!


I got a tiny bit excited when I read the words "automated defragmentation is here". Stupid me, I thought that Raxco was finally going to introduce a real-time defrag feature in PerfectDisk. Boy is my face red now that I know it was just a reference to the non-automated defrag features already in PerfectDisk 8.

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