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May 08, 2007


Donn Edwards

PerfectDisk Rx Suite 1.0 build 14 is a disaster. You should get the bugs out before releasing it, not afterwards. The cookie removal facility removes ALL cookies, good or bad. The disk space usage utility can't calculate the space usage correctly. And the defrag quick scan didn't detect a file with 49000 fragments! Did I mention the registry cleaner wanted to remove references to all the .hlp files on my machine? Not good.


Hi Soldier1st,

Thanks for your comment. You are likely seeing the issue you are because Rx is not doing a boot time defrag.



Hi Mark T,

Thanks for your comment. You are correct that Rx does not have the boot time defrag. You can contact and they should be able to help you with a well-priced package.



When I use This when perfectdisk is installed it does not completly defragment(It Does about a 50% job)but when i use perfectdisk 8 itself not the rx suite it does defragment properly.

mark t.

It appears the Perfectdisk RX suite doesn't have the capability to schedule a boot-time session to defragment system files. The ability to defragment these files and the paging file was one feature which truly set Perfectdisk apart from other similar utilities. I was recently going to upgrade to the latest version of Perfectdisk but since this is a feature I need maybe I should just wait for Perfectdisk 9. I might end up buying both the new RX suite and the regular perfectdisk 8 but it seems like kind of a waste of money just for one (albeit valuable) feature. Too bad there isn't some ultimate edition with both the features of PD 8 and the RX suite. At least I hope there will be a version 9 like this.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comments.

Not to worry. First, PerfectDisk V8 is currently 8 months old. V9 is in the works, but it's not ready for release. Don't worry, we're not going to force an upgrade on everyone.

I walk a fine line - with the release of Rx, I wanted to assure our millions of Pro and Server users that it didn't mean we're ignoring them. We aren't. PD will carry on. But we can all keep enjoying V8 for awhile. V9 is on the horizon, it's not being released.

Believe me, you and the family of PerfectDisk Pro and Server users are VERY valuable, and appreciated.


Mark Gillespie

"In any event, PerfectDisk 9 is also on its way."

The comment was on the fact that PerfectDisk 8 is only recently out the door, and only recently working correctly with Vista. Having a new version so soon could be considered dumping on existing users (as there will no doubt be a charge to move from PD8 to PD9).

A 6 month product lifespan is certainly not the accepted norm...

Mark Gillespie

Hmm, PerfectDisk 9, so soon after PerfectDisk 8...

Doesn't make me feel like a valued customer....

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