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February 20, 2007



Hi Tom,

Thanks for your comment. We are looking into why on Vista you can't select the entire layout.ini file.

Regarding the excluded files...with Build 50 and newer, PerfectDisk specifically excludes files in the System Volume Information folder - which is where Restore Points files are stored. They are being exluded as a workaround to the bug that Raxco discovered with Microsoft's volsnap.sys that could cause corruption on the drive if these files were "moved" at boot time defrag. When/if Microsoft fixes this, we can change this back.



Hi, I am using Vista, and under General Settings, my only choices are "Let PerfectDisk manage" and "Disable". I cannot choose the middle two options.

Is this normal for Vista? Why won't the program let me use the entire layout.ini file?

Also, why are there so many more excluded files on my main drive with Vista? They seem to mostly be System Restore files. Why can't they be defragmented online as with XP?

Thanks for any information you can give me.

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