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I'm Joe Abusamra, vice president of operations at Raxco Software, and I"ll be communicating with you on the PerfectDisk Blog. I've been with Raxco Software since 1998, shortly after Raxco Software split from Axent Technologies, the security company acquired by Symantec.

I oversee the day-to-day operations of the company. Previously, I have held senior management positions for a division of ITT (previously Stanford Telecom), Software AG, and Systems Center (which became Sterling Software, which was acquired by Computer Associates). I started out many years ago working on a software development team for the US government.

I've written multiple articles published in international publications and have spoken at major IT industry events.

I hold a BS in Business Administration (Management Science and Operations Management) from the University of Rhode Island, with MBA studies at The George Washington University.

The first iteration of PerfectDisk was for the OPenVMS operating system, and PerfectDisk for OpenVMS is still running in the data centers of some of the world's largest companies. PerfectDisk for Windows has now been around for almost 10 years, and Raxco continues to enhance it aggressively.